About Dalia

My life changed completely about three years ago when I searched for a natural, massaging balm with a pleasing scent. I wanted it to moisturize and absorb quickly–it had to be completely natural and without added artificial chemicals. After buying several “natural” products, I was very disappointed with both their thick texture and artificial scent.

At that point, I decided to try creating my own natural balm. Like a mad scientist, I experimented by infusing olive oil with flowers and herbs, curing the oil in the sun. I used natural beeswax and a plain blender and gave birth to my first balm. I left the balm on the kitchen counter and…what a wonderful surprise! My children and their friends were trying it–massaging it into their hands. After playing awhile, they came back for more and I knew I had tapped into something special. My children loved it–“It smells so good!”–my children, with pure and honest reactions, have no problem saying the meal I spent all day cooking is “disgusting.” If they loved it, and their friends loved it, just maybe other people will love it.

Botanical Oils and Herbs are frequently used around my house as various remedies, while we all enjoy  pampering our skin with quality moisturizers.

Before I put these balms and creams on the market, I researched each ingredient and studied its benefits. The more I learned, the more I was amazed, and the more passionate I became about natural, healthy, healing, and wonderfully scented moisturizing and therapeutic products.

My journey continues, my research continues my learning and creating continues…and inspiration comes at anytime, anyplace, from anyone, anywhere…

I’ve always believed in natural healing, natural remedies, and Mother Nature’s awesome energy. Now I am blessed to help bring all of these natural gifts to you, your family–even your pets. Try my balm–awaken your senses, protect your skin, and soothe your soul.