Instructions on how to use Curealia Natural Insect Repellents

Instructions on how to use our Natural Insect Repellents:

1. The target areas would be the back (shoulders), under collar, and the back (hips, between tail and hips).
2. Reapply when scent disappears, depending on the dog & its activity, usually approx. 5 days
3. The spray is the same as the balm, different form. Mix, spray & spread.
4. The stick is a direct apply, use skinny layers over exposed skin areas.
5. The stick is the same as the balm, different form, direct apply, doesn’t require hand contact.
6. This balm is good for both dogs and people, but not recommended for cats, infants and pregnant women.

It is the scent that drives the bugs away and not the quantity used, therefore you do not need to cover all his body with any of our products.

Melt a pea size in your palms and apply with a short massage at the targeted areas. For people, melt a “pea” size in your palms, tap or spread onto the exposed areas.

Some people found that once a week is sufficient, and others find that 3 days is sufficient. Just remember, when scent disappears, reapply. You may find you do not need to bathe him so often anymore.

Thank you for your interest in our Natural Products.
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