Welcome to Curealia Natural Remedies & Skin Care

Curealia Natural Remedies & Skin Care products are made fresh, with natural botanical & organic ingredients. They are nutritional, nurturing & protecting, and beneficial for sensitive skin. We use no alcohol, chemicals, artificial fragrances, or unknown ingredients. 100% active natural ingredients – synergetic working to replenish our skin.

calendula chamomile balm, rash & irritationNATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS

Feed your skin with only the best nutrients – it will replenish and glow. Feel confident it is pure clean natural & organic. It’s time to restore naturally!

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Nasal Inhaler congestion sinus cold curealiaRESPIRATORY RELIEF

A natural healing relief for sinus, flu, colds, stuffy nose. Enriched with botanical extracts that will open and refresh our respiratory tract.

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dogs flea repellent, natural insect repellent, flea gone, ticks gone, mosquitoes repellentNATURAL PETS REMEDIES

Protect and heal your pets using non-toxic pure natural remedies. Best natural insect repellents! We love our natural pets!

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general healing, Ancient yoga meditation balm, curealiaYOGA & HEALING BALMS

Enhance your body or yoga session with aromatherapy balms – feel energized, refreshed & restored. Heal naturally. Experience the difference.

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At Curealia it is our goal to create the most pure natural skin care products & remedies while meeting the needs of each and every one of our purchasers. We wish to reduce the use of chemically treated products and replace them with the most 100% organic active ingredients. By doing this, we also hope to educate our clients about the benefits of Mother Nature’s gifts! Our path is guided toward promoting physical & spiritual well-being. It is our desire to leave our customers feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and revived remedies!