Ultimate Skin Care Balm

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skin remedy, rash, dry skin, scaling, cuticle, rosacea, tattoo aftercare
excellent moisturizer, cold weather protection, wrinkles
hot spots, insect bites, sores, eczema
balm, for the entire family & even pets
100% active natural ingredients

Natural Skin Care Organic Ingredients Eco Friendly bees wax, natural skin care products

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Made with organic olive oil infused with freshly picked flowers of Calendula, Chamomile and Rose Geranium flowers. These Flowers / Essential Oils / Natural Ingredients are known to benefit dry/ cracked skin, wrinkles, irritation, insect bites, scaling skin, relaxation and deep moisturizer.

Keep at room temperature or at a cool place.
Gentle refreshing natural scent.
Freshly made in small quantities!

No Alcohol, Glycerin, Acids, Petrolatum, No chemicals, or Artificial Fragrance.

Our customers have found it useful for eczema, rashes, insect bites, rosacea, sores, scaling skin.

A treatment for you and the entire family!



Calendula – gentle, cooling & soothing, all skin inflammations, dry & damaged skin, rashes, diaper irritations, eczema, burns

Chamomile – calming, anti-inflammatory, soothing & healing

Shea Butter – super moisturizer

Aloe Vera – calming healing

Rose Geranium – treating cuts $ burns

Each single ingredient plays an important part in calming, soothing and healing our skin – 100% active!

Additional information


Calendula infused Oil, Chamomile infused Oil, Rose Geranium infused Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vit E Oil, Essential Oils (Jasmine, Lavender, Palmarosa, Rosewood, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine).

Best use

Rub a "pea" size in your hands and spread on the desired area, and let it be. Keep at room temperature/cool place.


Eczema, rosacea, rash & irritation relief, cold weather hand protection, insect bites, burns & sores relief, great moisturizer, fast absorbing, general healing & well-being.


0.5 oz, 1 oz


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Pregnant women & infants – please consult your doctor.

14 reviews for Ultimate Skin Care Balm

  1. Mariand

    Fast shipping, nice packaging and very nice product. Soothing and moisturizing with great natural ingredients.

  2. Mariand

    Great ingredients and fast shipping. Very nice for irritated skin. Thanks for the bonus balm, it’s wonderful!

  3. Sandy

    Awesome Healing Power – I have been fighting a toe nail fungus for over a year, trying every product I could find. After using this product daily for two weeks, the fungus appears to have been stopped dead in its tracks. The nails seem to actually be repairing and for the first time in a year I am willing to walk around the house in my bare feet. I will keep using this in hopes my nails will fully recover. I can’t thank you enough – toe nail fungus has got to be the ugliest infection in the world! I have hope again!

  4. Music

    Excellent product – This product smells really good, it is 100% natural and the most important thing it really calms skin affected by inflammation. I used on my face on some spots where I suffered from dermatitis and it does a really good job. I am a happy customer.

  5. M. Fuchs

    best for healing the skin – My doctor treated my face skin stains with nitrogen, so I had a few burns on my face.
    Doctor said the burns will leave a redish sign on my face and that I should put on moisturizer lotion. I put this SKIN CARE & HEALING by Curealia – and there are no red marks at all!

  6. Tracey

    Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I rescue Pit Bulls and Bully Breeds are very prone to allergies some worse than others and two of mine are always miserable. After receiving this product I rubbed it all over the neck of my worst baby after he had been scratching something horrible. He sniffed it tried to lick it and as I kept rubbing he closed his eyes and fell asleep!!! Thank God and Thank you for helping my babies stop itching and get some rest. I am a very Grateful Pit Bull Mom!!!

  7. KarJoh

    Works great on the skin. I also love the smell. Thanks for a great natural product. Have tried other product and was very happy with them also!

  8. Jamie


  9. Marciline

    Doesn’t work for eczema – I purchased this product for my grandson who has eczema. We saw no difference whatsoever in his eczema after he used it for several weeks.

  10. Jamie

    very nice product

  11. Thinker

    Very good, wish it was larger – Tattoo After Care, Ultimate Skin Care – 0.5 oz – One of the best salves I have tried for helping to repair extremely dry & iritated skin. Only complaint is that it is quite a small container.

  12. Stepheni

    love it – works great. but i do have to keep applying after every couple hours. but takes immediate effect. Definitely prefer it

  13. Avid

    INCREDIBLE! BEST MOISTURIZER I HAVE EVER USED! – I originally bought the Ultimate Skin Care Balm by Curealia in hopes of treating a recent breakout of rosacea. (I won’t go into details, but I have already been down other roads for treating it.) Their products are made of all natural and organic ingredients.* On day 4 my Rosacea breakout was almost completely gone!
    In addition to clearing up the Rosacea, I have been applying some to a small brown spot on my face and it seems to be fading it. [No need for medical advice/comments about the brown spot-I’ve had it checked out by a doctor.]
    I have used this balm on some of my very stubborn dry skin areas including my cracked knuckles. All of my knuckles have since healed up. Of course I couldn’t resist treating my toes and feet too!;)
    I suggest that you check out their website: http://www.Curealia.com
    I have gone there and purchased a couple more things including the Best Lip Balm ever, called CHOCOLATE LIPS, by Curealia, and it’s in a “Chap stick”-like tube so it’s unisex.
    *All of their products are petroleum free, no chemicals, no artificial fragrances, and no alcohol.
    I hope you enjoy their Ultimate Skin Care Balm. It’s Awesome!

  14. G

    Worked great for puppy acne!!

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