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Propolis Benefits

propolis benefits

Propolis benefits our bodies in outstanding ways. So you’re probably wondering “what in the world is propolis?” To answer your question, bees make propolis and it is the glue in which they use to mold their hives together.

Propolis is beeswax and other secretions with resins from buds of conifer and poplar trees blended together to create a 100% natural hive sealant. This sealant protects the hive from foreign contaminants and acts as a sterilizer for the bees each time they enter and exit their hive. So now you’re also probably wondering “well what good does this do for me?” For years, people have applied propolis to wounds as a way to heal a variety of skin conditions such as acne and cancer, canker sores, osteoporosis, itching, and tuberculosis. These propolis benefits are extremely favorable.

Propolis contains a plentiful amount of compounds which work together to create a nutritive substance. It contains all known vitamins that our bodies require, with the exception of vitamin k, a whopping sixteen amino acids, and a generous amount of fourteen essential minerals not including sulfur. The good thing about proplis is that it’s a safe and useful home remedy which can be found in various health and food stores, or purchased raw from your local beekeepers. I guess you can say IT’S THE BEES KNEES!