Royal Jelly

Bee Product

Pure Royal JellyThe power of royal jelly is well documented and yet so little is known about the mysterious elixir. It is a rapturous and magical ingredient that defines beauty with youth and healing, infusing the skin with many essential nutrients needed for vitality.

Royal Jelly is the food of the queen bee and has been used for both therapeutic and life sustaining reasons as far back as 2735 B.C. when a Chinese emperor began studying the medicinal properties of this creamy substance. In the 17th century, others discovered the power and mystery of this nourishing jelly.

In nature, queen bees are made, not born. They are born from the exact same eggs as worker bees but because they are fed only royal jelly they are on average 42% larger and live 70-80 times longer than worker bees. The queen produces more than 2 ½ time her own body weight in eggs every day. This extraordinary reproductive fertility, energy, size, and longevity are symbolic of dramatically improved endocrine health. That health is largely believed to be due to royal jelly.

Royal jelly is a creamy white/yellow substance. It contains all Vitamins except Vitamin K and many nutrients & amino acids necessary for life. Royal Jelly also has anti-viral and anti-aging properties which those of us not being Bees benefit from greatly.

It contains approximately 12% protein with 5-6% lipids and 12-15% carbohydrates.  ItsB Vitamin content is high, it has 17 amino acids including all 8 essential amino acids. Royal Jelly also contains around 15% aspartic acid, which is important for tissue growth, muscle and cell regeneration.

Benefits as a supplement:  protect against viruses and flu, boost energy and stamina, enhance mood and reduce stress, balance and regulate body systems and hormones, suppress cravings and unhealthy appetite, moderate body weight, rebuild bones tissue and muscle, improve health of skin / hair / nails.