Why is Curealia Insect Repellent “not recommended for cats”?

Some researches conclude that Lavender Essential Oil is not suitable for cats, therefor we do not recommend it for our feline friends. As always, your Vet will have the best advise for you.

If your products are 100% natural, why some are “not recommended for pregnant women or infants”?

According to NAHA, National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy, some essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women or very young infants. You should always consult your doctor or your health care giver before using our products if you are pregnant or if you have a newborn.

Are your products organic?

95% of the ingredients we use are organic. It is very important for us to use top quality ingredients. For example, our beeswax is pure natural & organic, our olive oil is extra virgin organic, our Shea butter is organic. The only non organic ingredients are the essential oils & the water, though the water is filtered and purified, and the essential oils are top quality. The natural color in lip balms, salve, etc, come from Hibiscus flower or Calendula flowers. No artificial color or scent will be ever part of our ingredients.

Are your products gluten free?

Most of our products are gluten free – look for the GF batch. Some researches determined that Vitamin E may not be a gluten free natural product, since it may derive from wheat. Not all Vitamin E derives from wheat. For the ones who require Vitamin E free skin care product, or are unsure, please email us with a special request.

How fresh are your products?

All our products are made fresh, per demand, in small batches. You will always receive a fresh product, possibly made that same day.

What is the shelf life of your natural products?

Salves/Balms should be good for one year. Although they will not “go bad”, they may not have the same fresh scent and the best potential as if they were made fresh.

Water based creams should be refrigerated for freshness. They may last for approx. 2 weeks, used daily and kept at room temperature, but we recommend refrigeration. Water based creams are exactly like food, they will provide nutritional value for your skin as long as they are fresh.

Sprays will have a longer shelf time, 1-3 years as long as they are closed.

None of our products should be left in the sun or in a hot car.

Do you use perservatives?

NO. We do not! Absolutely not! Many of our herbal ingredients serve as preservatives or anti-bacterial. For example, Vitamin E will serve as a natural preservative, while many essential oils are anti-bacterial.