Natural Insect Repellent

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Natural Insect Repellent for dogs and humans

Repels mosquitoes fleas ticks flies ants,
Excellent moisturizer & deodorizer
Athlete foot natural remedy,
For the entire family, dogs, horses
100% active natural ingredients – Balm

Gluten Free balm, natural insect repellentNatural insect repellent balmOrganic ingredientsEco Friendly remedybeeswax balm

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Natural Insect Repellent for Dogs & Humans

Our famous natural insect repellent balm for dogs and humans. It is formulated with essential oils & 100% natural ingredients, to protect from insects (mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, lice, flies, ants). Also known to be an excellent skin aid for fungus & insect bites. Moisturizer & deodorizer. Gluten free.

For the entire family, dogs and horses. Not recommended for pregnant women, infants & cats.

NO Chemicals. NO pesticides. NO Alcohol. NO DEET. NO Artificial Fragrance. Unlike commercial creams, you will only need to use a tiny bit to satisfy your craving for well-being & protection from bugs.

Spiritually strengthening, stress relief.
Pleasant refreshing forest scent. A treatment for Body & Spirit!

Our natural insect repellent balm is a great alternative to other toxic repellents.


ORGANIC EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL: an intense moisturizer that is rich in vitamin E. It is also known for its anti-microbial and anti-septic properties.

ORGANIC SHEA BUTTER – intense moisturizer with healing powers.

ORGANIC BEESWAX: antibacterial, soothes and protects skin.

ESSENTIAL OILS: All four essential oils used are strong insect repellents.

Concerned about the amount of chemicals absorbed in your body or your pet’s skin? Then this is a MUST.



Additional information


Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Essential Oils of Lavender Cedarwood Rosewood Patchouli

Best use

Rub a "pea" size in your hands and spread on the desired area. Use tiny amounts for children and dogs. It is the scent that drives the bugs away and not the quantity. Never use it on dogs mouth, eyes and nose. Keep at room temperature/cool place.


Repels mosquitoes, fleas, flies, ants, lice & ticks. Skin aid for fungus, athlete foot and insect bites. Moisturizer & deodorizer. Not recommended for pregnant women, infants & cats.


0.5 oz, 1 oz


This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Not recommended for pregnant women, cats & infants.

70 reviews for Natural Insect Repellent

  1. Veronica

    Second time buying this product, really works, go days w/o bites! My pups thank you!!

  2. Joakim

    Great product, insanely fast shipping all the way to Norway. Thanks alot, will buy again when empty or other product.

  3. Jennifer — from NJ

    Love this…smells and works great! I bought for my dog as an alternative to the chemical laden bug control and she loves it…wags her tail and jumps on me whenever she sees the container! Small container but you only need a little….it goes a long way so lasts quite a while. Nice company to deal with, quick and pleasant communication and super fast shipping. Thank you-BIG A+!!!

  4. Pnut

    This works great on keeping those little black gnats off of my dogs faces and ears. I put some on their ears and the top of their head and it works great. Smells good too!

  5. kris

    My dog is allergic to fleas and just 1 small bite can send him into a scratching frenzy for days and days. He can’t sleep nor can I as my whole bed shakes when he scratches.
    I wanted to try something safe and non-toxic to him. Besides it seems as though the fleas my dog was picking up from the dog park were now resistant to Frontline Plus..and I hated the thought of all that toxic stuff being put on him.When you read the product insert for Frontline you realize just how toxic it is.

    So right now I am using this product and a flea comb.. a garlic product(Bug Off for dogs) and apple cider vinegar..

    I put a little bit of this on him before we go to the park and then I use a flea comb as we leave the park (I comb him before we get in the car and I comb him again before entering the house.) I am finding that the fleas seem to be avoiding him as I am not finding the little sneaky hitch hikers like I use to! I am crossing my fingers and hoping it stays that way.

    I like the idea of the fleas not even trying to get on him at all versus the fleas dying once they bite him.or making them infertile once they have bitten him..The whole idea is to not have him getting bitten at all because one bite is all it takes to make him miserable.Using products that make him unattractive to fleas in the first place seems to be the way to go.

  6. sarah

    smells great- only bug that seems to not work against well is gnats, otherwise works great!

  7. Donna — from Chicago

    It works and smells great too! — I put this on my new puppy, as I did not want to start him out with the chemicals in Frontline while he is so young. We walk about an hour a day in the forest with grass and tall weeds.
    This smells great and leaves him smelling great for days. I have not seen any ticks or fleas on him, so I guess it’s working. Seems like a small amount of product for the price.

  8. Elisabeth

    I use this in my dog grooming parlour and all my customers love it, I will be back, thank you so much

  9. Eliza

    Love this stuff and this company! – This product is a blessing to me. I personally get eaten alive during the summer and I dislike using harsh chemical repellents on my skin. This product keeps bugs away from me quite effectively. I originally purchased this for our dog. He has food allergies and we have to use a topical heartworm preventative which only protects against one type of tick. I dislike using such strong chemicals on him in and am not willing to ‘double up’ on vet prescribed flea & tick preventatives just to protect him against the other types of ticks we have in our area. Thankfully, this product works wonders for our dog too! I used it all last summer and did not find a single tick on him even though we go camping and to the lake with him quite often. I just found a tick on him after a walk this past weekend and I immediately placed another order for this year’s supply of Curealia Insect Repellent! The owner is so kind and prompt and helpful. I highly recommend her and her products!

  10. Cheryl — from MA

    I apply to my dog’s head/ears/down the back two to three times per week. He’s a Golden Retriever and my husband takes him for runs in the woods, daily. In the past two months, we have only seen one tick on the top of his coat. It seems to be working well, without the added chemicals that other repellants have.

  11. M

    First of all, the product arrived quicker than expected. That was a good sign!
    We live in a wooded area, and our dog had already had three ticks this month.
    We did not feel good about covering her (or our hands) with chemicals, so we searched for a natural product.
    We have friends with three dogs, and all three have cancer. Is it a coincidence that the dogs were treated with potent chemicals (a leading brand of repellent)? Maybe…but we are not willing to take the chance.
    This product smells great and lasts a couple of days. It is simple to apply, and she has not had any ticks since we started using it about 10 days ago.
    Plus, we don’t have to worry about our own health when coming into contact with it.

  12. Katya

    I loved it!!! – I like this product because it repells the ticks before they can get to the dog. Perfect for my Yorkie. Smells good and seems to be working so far. I highly recomend it.

  13. Puf — from CA

    PERFECT — I love this stuff and so does my mini schnauzer. She’s allergic to flea bites and just scratches away all spring and summer. This stuff is fantastic not only for repelling fleas, but for mosquitos and ants, too! No more chemical flea repellants. Yay! Will use this from now on. Love the scent and my dog doesn’t mind me putting it on her. Thank you Curealia

  14. Shannon

    Wonderful for both pets and people! — I initially bought this as a natural flea repellent for my 4 dogs, but then read on the jar that it can be used on people, too (I was the first to try it out!). Very pleasant odor and the mosquito’s stayed away. It’s a small jar, but a little bit goes a long way. Just recently one of my dogs had minor surgery, and he kept licking at his incision. Although this product smells great to me, the dogs are not interested in the taste and so I applied a very light layer AROUND his incision and he doesn’t try to lick anymore (a nice alternative to the “lamp shade” on his head!). I’m a new fan! 🙂

  15. Nina

    It smells great and works great:)

  16. Glenn

    This product seems to work quite well. I put it on me and my Golden Retriever, and it keeps us bug free. They fly near us, but they don’t land on us like they once did. It makes me feel good to be using this on my dog, instead of potentially harmful pesticides. It is about the consistency of soft butter, and it applies easily, so a little goes a long way. All Natural Seems To Work Well

  17. S. from South Florida

    Amazed and LOVED this product!!! – Not wanting to use chemicals on my dogs and our rescue dogs any longer, (the health risks, and they didn’t work!) I searched for a natural product, that would work, and would not harm the animals.
    We live in South Florida and the fleas and ticks are out of control. I was sick and tired of constant baths, dogs itching, and picking off ticks ! disgusting, and so unsafe for the dogs. The frontline plus the vet sold me was not working. ( then I read how dangerous the chemicals were, and was upset a vet would recommend I poison the animal!)

    Curealia Insect Repellent Balm for dogs is everything they promised. Pure, natural, no deet and fleas and ticks are GONE! a little goes a long ways.
    Knowing I would have to treat my home and yard also and was waiting on those natural products to arrive, I couldn’t wait to try the balm.
    We have 5 dogs (some of them temporary rescues) ranging from 11 lbs to 46 lbs – various coats, short, flat, wiry, long, silky each one had their own problem with the disgusting flea and tick infestation in my yard. the chi mixes were allergic to the flea bites, and thankfully not too many fleas or ticks stayed on them. the jack russell mix had a flea problem, and would get ticks on his toes, the larger dogs one had worse ticks the other worse fleas, and both were suffering, and being attacked. I put the balm on them and was relieved the odor was not too strong as i have an allergy to some of the forest scents. this balm did not bother me. It soothed their skin, made their coats softer, and shinier, and repelled the fleas and ticks!

    I was overjoyed! a little goes a long way, but the good news is if you put too much on, sure they have a bad hair day, but you keep working it into their coat and the next day they are perfect. I did this after baths, and they were not completely dry and I was rushing to get done. no harm done.

    I have not treated my home inside yet ( though i haven’t seen anymore!) and still need to do the backyard ( which i know is full of them) but amazingly this balm is keeping them away. I will naturally treat my yard and hope it works, and keep using the balm to keep them from picking them up from walks or the yard.

    I will be re-ordering and i will be sharing with friends my great find! You will not be sorry you tried this- IT WORKS!!!

    PS: the scent is a little woodsy but that subsides in a day or two. it is not overpowering.

  18. S. M.

    Amazed and LOVED this product!!! Not wanting to use chemicals on my dogs and our rescue dogs any longer, (the health risks, and they didn’t work!) I searched for a natural product, that would work, and would not harm the animals.
    We live in South Florida and the fleas and ticks are out of control. I was sick and tired of constant baths, dogs itching, and picking off ticks ! disgusting, and so unsafe for the dogs. The frontline plus the vet sold me was not working. ( then I read how dangerous the chemicals were, and was upset a vet would recommend I poison the animal!)

  19. Richard — from CA

    Works, but you have to apply it every week — Thought this would be a good alternative to Frontline, since we live in the woods and the dogs pick up lots of ticks. I don’t mind the smell, but my wife hates it (go figure) so she won’t let the dogs in the house for 2 days after using it. It seems to work, but if you don’t remember to apply it at least once a week, it loses it’s effectiveness and the ticks come back. With 4 dogs, it’s just too much hassle. Going back to Frontline

  20. Carla

    GOOD PRODUCT – I used this product as a part of an entire flea kill and repellant system for my dog. It has seemed to help him so far. I like the pleasant odor. It also helped in speeding up the healing process from scratching.

  21. Rachel — from FL

    SMELLS GREAT — I bought this for my Chihuahua who I took camping. I was surprised to smell such a pleasant odor. I thought it was going to smell like insect repellent usually does, but I was wrong. The only way I could tell if this works is if my dog got bitten or not while wearing it, and she didn’t. So I guess it worked! I might try this stuff on myself for the REAL test!

  22. Heather

    Thanks, it smells lovely!

  23. LY

    Good Product. I’ve used this on my dog and I got one for chapped lips. Pretty good item. No issues at all.

  24. Robin

    LOVE THIS — It was shipped fast and no problems …great service!! I love the smell and a little bit goes a really long way. This is great for all pets and even people to protect against fleas and ticks. I would recommend and I will be buying more.

  25. Lois

    This is a great product, smells good, not too strong. It does work well. I just use a little bit around my dogs neck, and tail, then rub any that is left on my hands on their body. I would buy this product again. Best part is no side effects, like some of those other methods cause. I really like using natural products.

  26. Martin

    This is an awesome flea repellent! If you use an all natural flea control and walk you dogs in a heavy infested area, as I do daily I highly recommend this as a preventative. I rub a tiny bit every 2 days through my dogs fur and even use it myself. Great stuff, great company! Also, a healthy RAW diet and Body Guard Plus food supplement is huge in the natural flea battle!”

  27. Golden — from NH

    Good natural repellent — I like natural tick repellents that smell good as this one does. No fleas yet. Heavy ticks this year, so there have been a couple of ticks on my greyhound. Since this is a solid balm-like product, I only use it on her ears and around her head area. I did find a tick IN her ear. Of course, I hadn’t put the product IN her ear. Would buy again.

  28. Terri

    Amazing!!! Money well spent!!! I have 20 horses and live where there are a lot of ticks. Every night in the barn I pull ticks. Was on Amazon looking for something that might help, saw this product and bought just one container. Figured I would try it. It was amazing!!! Rather than there being hundreds of ticks I am pulling off, now there are just a few. I love it because it smells good and is not full of chemicals going into my horses body. I am very happy with this product. I just ordered 3 more containers!!!! Thank you!!!!

  29. Too Many Books — from Ohio

    Smells lovely and appears to work well — I use this on my dog. It makes her smell nice and appears to be helping to ward off fleas and ticks. I also use a brewer’s yeast and garlic supplement, so that may be helping as well. I do notice that when I apply this ointment to my dog and then go outside myself (with the residue still on my hands), I attract far fewer mosquitoes.

  30. Tom — from CA

    WORKS GREAT — We are really bothered by mosquitoes this year. We rub this on US and the dog and it works. Dog not wild about it but we manage to outwit him. Little goes a long way. Still working on first jar.

  31. Leon

    If you want an alternative to using TOXINS on your or your pets pelts, this is a good but somewhat pricey solution

  32. LJ

    Nice natural -no chemicals but not strong enough. Goes on like butter. nice pot dispenser – smells nice but not really strong enough to ward off biting bugs for long time

  33. Pen

    Pleased with this product — have tried it’s many uses and am very satisfied. Have used it on myself as well as my pets. Will purchase again.

  34. Robert — from MD

    My Shitzu is very allergic to flea and other insect bites. When he is bitten he is tormented with constant itching that causes him to scratch himself bloody. I use Frontline, but of course that does not keep him from being bitten.

    I tried some other repellents with mixed results. So far Curealia has been the best of the lot. My dog is exposed to bites for short periods two or three times a day. He roams a large yard in a rural setting. Applying the Curealia as directed in the morning before he goes for his first “tour” has cut down on his itching dramatically. I’d guess the product has diminished his symptoms by at least 80 percent.

    In other words he still has some symptoms, but nowhere near as much as when we don’t apply the Curealia. Another benefit of this product is that when he is bitten, the bites are not as severe and they heal more quickly. I think this is due to the soothing and healing properties.

    Be aware that the odor is very strong, but diminishes within an hour or two. I think this is a good product. I will continue to buy it.

  35. Mate — from VA

    SUPERB — I’ve been using this long-lasting product for 18 months. It works flawlessly as a repellent for all disease borne insects and I have always received my order in three business days. Simply put, the vendor and the product are superb.

  36. Emily

    I absolutely love this product! It smells so nice and works wonders to keep fleas away from myself and my dogs 🙂

  37. Fuzzy

    AWESOME and LASTING even in FLEA-INFESTED home!!!! — OMG this stuff is amazing!! I put this stuff through the ultimate test, a flea-infested dog in a flea-infested house! Worked like a charm. YAAAAYYYYYY no more poisonous neurotoxins like Advantage, Frontline, etc 🙂
    I swear this is the best stuff I’ve ever tried. Now I’ve finally got a headstart in dealing with the flea problem (1st step was to stop my poor dog’s suffering)

    Here are some tips that are not incl with this product that might help you maximize results:

    The best and most effective way to use this, I’ve found, is to apply this stuff immediately after a flea bath be sure to use a shampoo that kills fleas AND eggs–best & safest natural ones I’ve found are De Flea Concentrated Shampoo by Natural Chemistry and Bio-Groom Flea & Tick).

    Towel-dry the dog really well while in the tub (dont take him out of the tub to allow any fleas in the home to hop back on him!).

    Then, while still in the tub, put this stuff on all over by rubbing lightly between hands and applying AGAINST the direction of the fur to get it deep into the coat, being careful not to miss a spot.

    ]NOTE: depending on the size of your dog, his coat type and length will determine how much you’ll end up using (I have a 9mo old 50lb malamute mix with a thick undercoat and have to use a “pea-size” on EACH section of the dog, i.e., 1 for head/neck, 1 for back, 1 for underside, 2 for legs and tail.
    You will use much less on, for example, a short coat without a thick undercoat, or a small dog.

    It has lasted for a little over a week for me! So you wont end up using that much.

    REMEMBER, getting rid of fleas is a multi-approach, LONG-TERM thing. I’m planning using non-toxic flea traps under the bed/couch (to help w/ adults fleas and to determine where the worst spots are in the house), sprinkling diatomaceous earth all around the place and on bedding and bathing and using the flea comb 2x/day minimum, and spraying INSIDE the house “Vet’s Best Natural Flea + Tick HOME Spray” as well as their yard spray too along the house perimeter and yard. I recommend the same.

    From what I’ve been reading everywhere, these are the best of the best options i’ve been researching for an effective natural, safe method to interrupt the life cycle of the fleas in the house and make sure they wont come back.
    PLEASE DONT RESORT TO TOXIC FLEA-BOMBS AND SPRAYS, there are better and safer alternatives out there that wont poison your animals and you! The negative reviews for some of these really good natural products are by people who think getting rid of fleas is a 1-step operation, and it’s NOT!! It’s multi-approach, long-term using MULTIPLE products for various purposes (killing adults/eggs/larvae on dog, inside home and outside home plus repelling new ones, and creating an inhospitable environment for the fleas to exist in. So you’re looking at several months. But this stuff is a powerful tool in my anti-flea toolbelt.

    If you have carpets, it makes it worse for you (better for the fleas) so that will require additional work (I’d recommend Fleago powder for the carpets). Also depending on your home situation, where you live (climate) and other factors, you may need to apply this stuff more or less often than me. But whatever you do, DON’T STOP the process just because you dont see fleas anymore, keep up the egg-killing sprays and repellant for several months after !

    I will post an update at the end of my “war” with the fleas. I’m PAWsitive I shall win! 😀

  38. Customer

    IT WORKS — I use it on myself and its good for some hours, after you have to reapply it. I guess its part of the natural ingredients or maybe my skin absorbed it too quickly, doesn’t itch and smells very nice

  39. Runner

    Curealia arrived quickly and so far has worked great for our dogs and for us!

  40. Mags

    Very fast delivery, product works like a charm. We had tried everything and this was our last option for our dog not to get attacked by mosquitoes.”

  41. Mich

    Great service, arrived on time, sooner than expected. Still evaluating the effectiveness of the product. We have a new puppy and want to stay away from toxic chemicals if possible to fend off the hords of mosquitoes and ticks we have here in upper michigan.

  42. Lozi

    It works. That’s what I like best. Also, simple to use. Easy to keep handy. I am a magnet for mosquitoes. Went outside when first got it. I did not get even one little bite, except for the parts of my body where I didn’t put the cream.

  43. Insomniac

    I have used this for a few months in combination with rose geranium oil and so far my dog ( a chow chow) hasn’t had one flea or tick. I apply a tiny amount every day when I take him to the park which is very flea infested and also has ticks. You rub your hands together to make it more liquid and smooth it on, I apply along his back and tail, then rub his legs with whatever is leftover on my hands. I have only used frontline once and my puppy had a rash from it so I switched to natural methods, haven’t looked back.

  44. Verified

    I know I can always rely on Curealia for prompt shipping and a great product. I use this insect repellent for me and for my dog. I love it, and my dog also gets really happy when I go to put it on him! It’s excellent. Thank you again.

  45. Mich

    Good product but not much mileage — As I stated in my review of the spray; the spray goes a lot farther than the balm. I don’t know how you’d effectively apply salve to the coat of a dog and a dog might lick it off if you smeared it on their belly. I’d say its very expensive considering the very limited coverage. It will work on your own face or a small area exposed skin.

  46. Bugset

    This is my second purchase with Curealia. The most important comment about this insect repellent; it’s working! The smell is great, my dog and myself … we just love it!

  47. Rachel

    This product works great! It is the best All Natural Flea and Tick Repellent I have used on my dog. Even though I have to remember to apply it more often I feel better knowing my dog isn’t getting more chemicals put into in her body every month.

  48. Bugset

    This is my second purchase with Curealia. The most important comment about this insect repellent; it’s working! The smell is great, my dog and myself … we just love it!”

  49. Ivy

    It works! I’ve tried a lot of natural tick/ flea repellents. Sentry natural, alzoo, essential oils….all were either ineffective or were unbearable to my dog (some even seemed to cause an asthma like event). This works!! I rub a pea size amount on her about once a week. She’s 70 pounds. And we hit some really wooded areas. Haven’t seen a tick on her since I started using. And the smell is not so strong as to bother her. I use it on myself too. It only requires a small amount so this size will last a long time. So happy!! And it’s healthy for my pup

  50. A.B.

    I have not had real good luck with it keeping bugs away. Product tends to be greasy and sticky on your pet.
    I have not had real good luck with it keeping bugs away

  51. Cheryl

    FIVE STARS. Great

  52. Sweet

    The dogs hate it when I take this stuff out. The dogs hate it when I take this stuff out, haha! If they only knew that this is probably the only thing between them and fleas, they’d probably feel differently.

    I bought this over two years ago; my dogs haven’t had fleas or ticks yet, and it’s the ONLY thing I’ve ever used on them to prevent it. It makes them smell like little hippies, and I sometimes use it on myself. It’s great, and it lasts a long time

  53. Bunkster

    Strong Scent of Patchouli – ICK. Couldn’t possibly use this product. Its scent is very strong. The exact ingredients should have been listed. It has a strong patchouli scent and I would have never ordered it had I known that it contained patchouli. That’s one thing that instantly sets off my asthma. If strong essential oil scents bother you, this isn’t the product for you. I found the scent repulsive. Gave it away to a friend who didn’t mind the scent.

  54. Ncorales

    Tried the product on my two chihuahuas and works great for a day

  55. Aruth

    This stuff is amazing! Great for dogs and people too. I LOVE this stuff! I bought it to use on my Jack Russell, who is allergic to Top Spot and similar products.

    He’s been tick free and hasn’t been getting bug bites like he normally would. He doesn’t mind the smell at all; it actually smells nice.

    I brought it camping with me, and when my friends saw that it worked, they ditched the Off Deep Woods (which smells like pure poison) and used this instead. It worked so well with such a small amount.

    I love Curealia- there’s a handwritten thank you on the receipt. Great customer service!

  56. Cynthia

    Love it and it smells very nice. Use this for my nails and cuticles and occasionally for the dog. 🙂 Love it and it smells very nice.

  57. Netha


  58. Lorelyn

    Five Stars. love it

  59. Nan

    It is also good for humans and I use it when I walk …Works very well. A bit smelly and the dog doesn’t care for it but it does keep the bugs off. I have a small dog and no matter what I used it would make him sick for a few days. This has no side effects and I have been using it for a month. We also live with woods surrounding us and many wild critters carrying ticks and fleas. It is also good for humans and I use it when I walk the dog. Only drawback is that you have to apply it on the dog at least every other day if your dog spends long time outdoors

  60. Customer

    Fast shipping. smells great..This item arrived so quickly!!! Used it on my dog that very day. Smells wonderful and can be safely used w/out any toxic chemicals. thank you Curealia for great customer service.

  61. Wynne

    Pitchouli. If you don’t like pitchouli don’t buy this. Works okay

  62. Kristine

    Good for a temporary use. Would definitely recommend. I use this product for my dogs who stay outside most of the time. I noticed it does kill or ward off the fleas from the exact spot that i use the product on. In my opinion it takes a little more than a dime size to keep the fleas or mosquitoes away. I also use this product in addition to a flea treatment. I mainly like it because it keeps the mosquitoes away from my dogs when they are laying outside. I would recommend it and i would use it again

  63. Mary

    Product smells very good. Delivery was very quick, product smells very good

  64. C. Cook

    Small but great product!
    Seems to be working very well!
    Mosquito’s seem to stay away when I use this on myself or on my boston terrier, and it smells really great!
    I wish it was a little larger, but it’s a great product!

  65. Pogo and Pepe

    It works! Awesome product! Price went up now though than 2 yrs ago. My pets and I use it when we go out to the woods. It prevents and heals bug bites. My friends compliment how well they smell. Will get a 2nd bottle if it doesn’t cost so much.

  66. Karen

    Protects the dog. It’s keeping mosquitoes away from my dog very well. I’ve seen no side effects

  67. Judi

    Best repellant for dogs and humans too. I love this product. I bought it for my dogs and it works great. I was going on vacation in Florida, where I knew I would supply plenty of myself to the mosquitoes…so I took this along since it is small for flying and don’t have to worry about it spilling. A little worked wonders. I was the only one who was not bitten. I love the scent too.came home and ordered two more!!!!!

  68. Bekah

    gentle on my skin, good additional protection for my dog — I purchased this for a camping trip I took with my dog. She already gets topical flea and tick repellent, but I wanted to have additional coverage for her because the ticks were super bad where we were staying. The ointment was super kind to my skin (I have to basically wear a hazmat suit with her other stuff because my skin reacts very strongly to it) and while I myself wasn’t a fan of the scent, we didn’t have any issues with ticks for as long as I put it on her consistently. B.

  69. SC

    I really like this product. not sure about the insect repellent properties, but our 9lb puppy smells like a lavender field for days.

  70. Customer

    NIce smell- works for dogs and people to keep bugs away. I’ve tried all of the natural insect repellents for our dogs and this one was impressively the best smelling. I use it on myself as well, especially when I go running as I tend to end up eating a lot of bugs in some areas. I can’t say as I miss the extra protein when I wear this product. It seemed a little high priced at first, but it really does go a long way. It has a slight patchouli smell, but it’s not overpoweringly hippie-ish. Definitely will buy again as long as the price stays reasonable.

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